Hello loves,

hope your weekend was great and you got your rest as I. I would like to talk to you about a product I received on Friday. And what a coincidence happened on that day. My skin is by nature dry. And a daily facial cream is a must have for me. And I ran out of it on Thursday. I said ok, I’ll go to the store to buy a new one. I was using a natural facial cream from Apoteka Natura, you can read about it here in my previous blog post. Then on Friday morning, I received a package from London. I was a quite nice package and the first impression was amazing. On the box, it was written MULONDON. My eyes shined.

Let me tell you more about it.
It is a well known, an award-winning product of certified natural ingredients. A cream that is 100% vegan, animal testing free, inside are no artificial additives and is made only from natural herb oils and extracts.

All ingredients are written on the label of the cream. The range of creams are designed for sensitive skin but it benefits all skin types. You can use it on your legs, tummy, hands, feet, face, that means the whole skin surface. Here is the list of creams/moisturizers:

Lavender – For all skin types, young skin, burns, after-sun care, acne.
Marigold, Frankincense & Myrrh – For dry, cracked, damaged, inflamed, aging & mature skin, eczema & psoriasis.
White Chocolate Truffle – For all skin types; dry, dull skin.
Hemp – For oily, male, acne-prone skin.
Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary – For dry, dehydrated skin, rosacea. Balancing for all skin types.

Fragrance-Free – For the most sensitive skin types.

I ordered for myself because of the dry skin Rose, Rosehip & Rosemary – For dry, dehydrated skin, rosacea. Balancing for all skin types. I use it for face, legs, and tummy.

What impressed me also is the structure of cream. When you open it, it looks in hard consistency, but when you grab a pinch for applying it is so soft. It is softer than butter, and basically, melts on the skin. And the smell, it so good.
The cream beside just being a cream is also a rich moisturizer. You apply a small amount of cream and it’s enough for spreading over your face. The biggest plus side from me is that it isn’t greasy. It doesn’t leave that weight on your skin after applying it.
I use it daily in the morning and night, and I am sure I will use it for a long period of time. For me, it is the best natural skin product.

I would like to compliment the founder and CEO of Mulondon, Boris for his kindness and effort.
On their website, you will find more skin products, and I am sure you will not like it but love it.

It has a special place in my bathroom 🙂

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