Did you ever get a mail that your mouth just dropped? You couldn’t breath for a second, you didn’t get it right that moment what happened. You get absorbed into your phone, because of few incredible words. Well, that happened to me…

Last week I got an email that came unexpectedly, little bit life and rhythm changing, but in a positive way. An email came from the executive editor of magazine Grazia (big fan) Špela Štamol.

When I got the email I honestly thought: Oh another commercial, (you see the sender’s name but you wanna open as quickly as you can) but when I read it, I was blowwwnnnn away. I was so excited I paused from everything I was doing for a while. I even ‘ignored’ my kids for about a minute. When I realized what just happened I started jumping, singing, smiling… I had to share the news with my husband. Do you wanna know what was his reply? What’s Ipanema? OMG, I couldn’t believe what he asked, but that’s my husband. If it’s not connected with programming you have to explain a bit more, in details 🙂

The famous email 🙂


You can’t believe that you apply for something, and like I use to do, forget about it because you think that your picture won’t win. Well, mine did. When I bought Junes issue of Grazia I saw on last page of the magazine an invitation to apply if you’re a fan of Ipanema footwear and you own one. Exactly that day it was I guess a miracle that kids were sleeping at the time, I had my Ipanema flipflops on my feet, and I said: Why not, let’s try. I took a picture, I wrote an email to Grazia magazine and pressed send. The email was sent, and in the meantime, I forgot about it. You have your daily stuff to do, kids, husband, you on top and days passed by. Two weeks passed by when I received that magnificent email. I replied of course, and boom another surprise: organization for photoshoot/fashion story. That just made my day. Because I could go back into time when I was modeling, posing, having fun. In my last blog post, I was mentioning how I miss modeling, makeup, and hair, and my wish came true 🙂 The only thing that got me worried is of course when you are a mom of two, body after birth. But my complex about my figure was solved a time ago. Despite that I was excited  🙂 Who wouldn’t be right?

Famous photo 🙂

The photoshoot happened this week, on Wednesday in Šentilj and it was incredible, a memory for life 🙂 I will leave the fashion story as a mystery until the issue doesn’t come out. But I can say it was amazing, organized, relaxed-friendly-working atmosphere. I have to say I didn’t know what to expect. I thought everybody will want to have perfection, they will be grumpy with uptight attitude if I don’t do a good job. And boy I was wrong.

When they arrived at the scene of the shooting, Špela started waving inside the car with a big smile, the rest of the team were also really really nice and friendly. I was so nervous especially when I so Tibor Golob stepped out of the car. Hooooly s**t, my nervous level just went up to the sky. I think almost everybody (at least in celeb and fashion world) know who Tibor is. But I said to myself: ok, you can do this. Just be calm, confident.’

And we started… Makeup and hair, outfit-style, accessories, photography, everything was in place, everything was going smoothly, it was organized perfectly… And a few hours later we did it. We completed the photo shoot, got pictures and at the same time had fun. I must say everybody will stay in my memory with their kindness, smiles, jokes and positive energy.

Thank you so much, you are a dream team!

I will let you all know when pictures will be ready, and of course, you can see me as Ipanema girl 2017 in the new issue of Grazia.

Paparazzi 🙂
Set 🙂



*Špela Štamol (executive editor of Grazia-stylist on set)

*Tibor Golob (photographer)

*Marko Štrucl (Makeup/hair) – Studio Minimal, Maribor

*Sergej Kolar (Assistant makeup/hair)




















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