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I am so proud and happy to share this with you. Fashion magazine Grazia came out last week and inside the magazine was published fashion story with me winning the title Ipanema girl 2017. How was on the set of photo shoot you can read here.

Yesterday I visited shopping mall Supernova and of course, I went straight ahead to Ipanema shop.
I wasn’t surprised how many customers were there, as they always are. I got a great look at new models, colors and I was impressed. Of course, I had to try few of them. I still feel so blessed for the title Ipanema girl 2017, and I will do my best to make the most out of it and also to have you notified about its going.
The visit was long, and of course, I had my baby girl with me and she was also impressed by Ipanema for kids. Lovely summer colors, light footwear, and the most amazing part of Ipanema footwear is that they match with every outfit. From dresses, trousers, jeans, jumpsuits. You must admit they are unique.

I tried 3 pairs, and they all fitted me instantly. I took one from each brand: Zaxy, Grendha, and Ipanema. I simply love the material and the lightness of the footwear. I am sure you already own a pair of them because you had to try them and had to have them 🙂
Especially now for the summer season you can find so much different colors to vivid your outfit.

For someone, I may be exaggerating with posting pictures and posts, and I feel bad because of it. I am sure they wouldn’t mind being in my position. Having the great experience of photo shooting, being in a famous fashion magazine, having the privilege to meet all wonderful people who are behind all that.
Be sure I will keep you posted with everything and in a short while I will have a new giveaway for you 🙂

Maybe some day I will visit Ipanema with my Ipanema sandals 🙂

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