My next post is about health. The last three days my daughter had a fever, high fever – it varied from 38,5 to 39,5 degrees, it got even to 40 degrees. And my good friend asked me what do I use for reducing fever. And my answer will shock all other moms because my answer was: Nothing. Also, my friend was surprised. Why? Because I am not a usual mom who gives as much as tablets I have to my child for reducing fever. In fact, I don’t have any kind of tablets in my house. Disaster, a? What a mom… And a people will critic me for that, but let me tell you my history.

I am registered nurse by profession and people judge me based on that fact because my profession supports pharmaceutical industry and I don’t.
Until my age of 10, I suffered from continued angina. But when I was 10 years old I got really sick. High fever, delusions, vomiting, sickness, pains. I was diagnosed with gastritis. That was a hell for me. Every day doctors appointments, all kind of tablets, all kind of tests. You can imagine as a 10-year-old girl how did that make me feel. I got a 6-month tablet treatment for my stomach. Yay, that was a party. I was going to school, had a special diet, filling myself with 6 different tablets a day. And let me tell you the cause of my gastritis. My gastric mucosa was eaten by hundreds of antibiotics prescribed by my doctor for angina. Yup, a doctor messed with my health. Who would tell, a? Since then I was convinced that I would never eat another tablet again. Because if they are meant to help you and your body why was the effect reversed?

Since then I dedicated my time for reading about natural medicine and alternatives. And the most important thing is they are NATURAL given to us by nature it self not human. Believe me, there is a lot of herbs that can help you and not damage you or your immune system.
And I will carry on that also to my children. If the tablets weren’t good for me, why would they be for my children? Our body is created to fight it self against other illnesses. With a little our help we push it to fight more. And I chose natural medicine.

Like I mentioned it at the beginning my daughter was ill, got a high fever 40 degrees and I left the body to fight it on its own. I did help her with homeopathic granules, and everything got better in 3 days without complications. I got a lot of questions from my mother-in-law and neighbors: ‘What about fever cramps?’ What about it? If you would dedicate a bit of your time to read a book or two, you would learn that fever cramps are provoked because of reducing fever. If you reduce it with medicine, you confuse your body, your immune system and the body becomes a time bomb. That’s when you provoke cramps because the body can not fight on its own with the cause of diseases. And the result is fever cramps.

My daughter is now ok, healthy and prepared with antibodies in her immune system. It took her three days to get over without complications.
Yes, I accept the fact that in eyes of a lot of moms I am a monster, but I know that a lot of moms will support me. If you don’t live it, you don’t know about it.