Why did a decide to write this blog post? I recently lived an experience that will stay in my memory.

A lot of people that know me, they know I make jewelry. And of course, as every fresh brand, you have to promote your work in the best way you can so that people notice you and overall meet your work. And that was my intention. So I started looking for people (bloggers, celebrities) who would like my work and be prepared to promote. I found two bloggers who were interested. One was not so good for my goals, and the other was/is excellent! I can proudly say her name Neža or know as RoseTouchBlog. Love the work that she does.

You probably are asking why did I decided to promote my own work at others when I have my blog. The thing is there isn’t much time for me left. I did do that from the start, and my 24hour long day came to short. So I decided to leave the promotion of Rosie to someone else who enjoys in that.

I wrote a lot of emails to known people and guess what? A big percentage of them weren’t even so polite even to reply. I was shocked. When you see them on social media so opened and ready seeking for material to promote, and then it shocks you to see the attitude. If I got an email like that for promotion and in case I didn’t like the product or if I weren’t interested I would at least have the respect to reply back. Like normal human being with values. But people are different.

And to get back to what I was saying.. I found later a person who did answer me, not to promote a brand physically but through an article in a magazine. I was, of course, excited and grabbed the opportunity. I answered the questions that were sent to me regarded to the article and pinned the pictures. After that, I waited. I sent material at the end of the May, and until June didn’t see my work published. Bought every magazine in hope to see it in, but nothing. And after a while, I so that some products ‘promoted’ in hand of a person that was supposed to publish an article about Rosie, were in the magazine in a week. They didn’t wait for a month and almost a half like me. Hmm, interesting. Because I am not a person who likes to be deceived I wrote an email to my article promoter. And the answer was that it was supposed to come out 2 weeks ago in a magazine. Finally long story short, it was published on a website that I don’t know who reads it, I bought every magazine so I don’t know in which magazine came out. And I was shocked when I saw the pictures – they are a disaster (you’ll see them below). I send her already made pictures for publishing, but I guess… I don’t know why she did that.

That just boiled my opinion about people, that make themselves in eyes of others the best. For what? If you can’t make simple promise completed then please don’t make yourself like you are a goddess. I was so disappointed, and I was soo sorry to accept the offer because now I am embarrassed to share that with other people. And it was the worst decision ever.


So if you have a fresh brand please check and think twice before you step into collaboration with someone. It’s not gold everything that shines!!

I learned my lesson. Even if they have thousands of followers on IG and Youtube, it does not mean they are up for the job/challenge!


P.S.: I am working on 3 new collections for Rosie, which will come out soon. Stay tuned 🙂

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