So last week I read a blog post (A truth about blogging) from blogger Alja Bitenc ( I must say I am a big fan of her work. And I completely agree with her and her shout out.

I have been blogging for a short period of time now that is true, and I am trying really hard to connect with people or should I say audience. I write blog posts, I take pictures, I like on Instagram, Facebook but sometimes you get feeling like nobody cares. In today’s population is more interesting what is artificial and not what’s real and given from the heart. I look forward of every true and legit follower on Instagram, Facebook, every like on my picture, a bigger reach on each post every day. But, it is damn difficult. People have a problem accepting new creators because they are used at old ones, new humans who are trying to be noticed, who are trying to fit in. I understand and I know that we are different, every single person is different and has each own favorites at a style, fashion, lifestyle,… Still, you feel like you didn’t get the chance to offer people what you have. And of course, there is always a saying: Oh, another blogger. Yes, another blogger and I believe every person is born for some purpose, and you have to develop it by yourself. It can be hard.

For example me: I used to be a model for a modeling agency, a model for fashion designer, photo shoot model, a contestant at Miss Sport in 2009, I was very sociable, noticed, young, I was doing pretty good. I miss modeling a lot, I miss photo shoots, early busy days, miss being in hair and makeup… I loved those days. Now I’m a wife, a mom, a housewife, but there is still something missing, a little spot or cave at the end of the day for me. My five-minute rest, pleasure for my soul. And I wanna bring a part of those feelings back through other things. And that is through creating jewelry, taking photos for blog and writing blog, sharing with others. I believe it is never too late. Because my days are very busy, and sometimes I feel like I’m gonna lose my mind, I still love doing what I do. So yes maybe my pictures are not perfect and photoshopped, maybe I am not interesting because I don’t have 5kg of makeup on my face, I don’t weigh 50kg and I am not semi-naked on the pictures, and I am not dressed by latest fashion, but I still wanna post, I still wanna do what I like to do besides my busy life, I still wanna associate with other bloggers, people around the world.


And the other thing that irritates me… A blogger that has been on the scene for one year has 11k followers on her IG profile with not so good pictures and posts, and then you have Alja Bitenc who have been blogging now for two years and has 16,3k followers and her Instagram profile contains top posts and pictures. How is that possible? The only reasonable explanation for me is bought, followers. That is the easiest way, but I don’t want that, I want my followers, my audience to be legit, real. And I don’t like people that follow you for a day to get a follower and then unfollows you, grrrr. That makes me sooooo mad.. But like I said everybody is different. And what surprises me the most that you receive more support and love from foreign people than your own.


But then it wouldn’t be so interesting, would it? 🙂

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