I am ready to share with you a story about my fashion looks 🙂

As a student, I was working in fashion stores. For 6 years in H&M, then 3,5 years in Peek&Cloppenburg and I loved it. However, my profession is registered nurse, but I had to earn money and I loved job like salesman, and I was thrilled working with clothes, fashion, new items, making combinations, I knew what will be likeable, what is in, what to put together, how to make my look and customers more attractive.  I was also given the opportunity in Peek&Cl. to try myself as a Visual Merchandiser, and I did it pretty well. I would do walls and sections for different clothing brands like Tom Tailor, S.Oliver, Tommy Hilfiger (Tommy was my favorite).


And that lifestyle stayed even when I was dating my future husband at that time, we traveled, had fun.. 6 months after we were dating I got pregnant (the best day in my life when I so two stripes on test 🙂 ). As months passed by, I was bigger, in the third month I started to have issues with wardrobe, hurray, already wrote in my last post I was like a whale. I struggled my whole pregnancy with clothes, I also started to wear my husband’s shirts because I didn’t see the point of spending money on maternity clothes. Let’s be honest they are expensive. When I gave birth I was so happy but needed time to get back and shape. When I did, 7months after giving birth I get pregnant again. Great, a?
Yes I know it was too soon, yes it is trudge, but it’s worth it.

The bright side of that is I will be young mommy of 2, with a lot of time for me, once they grow up 🙂

But the biggest dilemma started a while ago, when I started to make handmade jewelry, and of course when you are busy mommy you use the night to work, to take pictures. And I was my own model for jewelry, for the presentation I realized my wardrobe is a disaster. Omg, it was embarrassing. It was old, not fashionable anymore. Of course, I was two years occupied with other stuff. And I had to put that to an end. The solution then was online shopping, all though I am not such a fan of it because you don’t know what you will get, is it the right size, how it will fit, but I had to take that risk. And it turned out ok, I mostly buy at H&

So I decided to make my purchase worth. I am buying one main piece and two side pieces.
What does that mean? Example: I bought trousers and two shirts to combine with it.

You will see examples below on pictures.

That is the easiest and cheapest trick for me. Of course, people are doing that all the time probably but it is never too late, even for me 😉

Oh, and choker is handmade by me 🙂

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