Since ever I have been creative. I love to work with my hands. But I never was that interesting to work on an item and show it to others. Most of my products were just for my use or for my family.
After my son was born, I had my time organized, and I always had an hour extra just for me. And I started to create. My first project was accessories for little girls. I made headbands, hair clips, but I didn’t know how to promote them. I did show them to my friends and family, they were impressed but I wasn’t so know all about promotion. So I left that project aside.

Before I gave birth to my baby girl my wish for creating came back. I always liked wearing jewelry, every piece for a different outfit. You should see how much jewelry did I had when I was going to high school 🙂
I asked my husband what does he think about me creating and making jewelry. Surprisingly he was very supportive, so I did the next step. I bought everything I needed, I found a little space in my living room and voila I started. Of course at first, you are still looking, designing and making jewelry that is maybe not so good, has a mistake, needs to be repaired. And you keep practicing until you find your style, you make your first model design, and then you just go with the flow…


I was working at night when I put my baby to sleep. After giving birth again I put jewelry aside for a while. Then again I started because the passion for making didn’t go away. And practice makes a master, I was better and better. I am now creating for approximately 8 months, and I can not complain. The only problem is that in Slovenia a handmade piece is not so appreciated than in other countries. Which kind of makes me a bit sad.
Maybe the prices are high, but I can’t sell something for 5 euros if its worthed more. Not just because of the material and components, but I also include my time, my hands, the packaging and my effort. And I know that it’s easier to go to shops like Accessorize, H&M or Six and buy there a piece of jewelry for few euros. But that it’s the magic in handmade work, it is created with heart, it is unique – you can’t buy it in other stores, and it is possible that you won’t see it on other girls :).

Custom made for bridesmaids

The big news about my jewelry is that it’s going to a higher level, let say professional level to fit the standards and criteria of the population. Professional photos, remade website and 3 new collections. Every collection is made with love.

The charm in Rosie jewelry is that it is made for every taste, for every type of woman.
So that is a short story about my creating path 🙂 Who knows maybe someday it goes big 😉

You can check new jewelry collections at
Lots of love from me :*


Photo: Lea Lovrenčič (IG: simplematterofficial) Model: Neja


Photo: Lea Lovrenčič (IG: simplematterofficial) Model: Živa Češarek


Photo: Lea Lovrenčič (IG: simplematterofficial) Model: Klavdija Holcova

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