Hello loves,

recently on Instagram, I was tagged or nominated to write 10 facts about me. I had to think carefully what I’m gonna write, and I had to pick the most certain facts 🙂 or else I could write 20 facts about me 🙂

So let me start.

#1 I am a mommy of 2 as you already know. My son’s name is Liam and my daughter’s name is Zaya.
#2 I love to dance especially to Latino music. Oh, since ever dance is my passion.
#3 I am an independent, working woman. I have been working since the age of 14. My first serious job was a salesman position in H&M (6 years).
#4 I am an honest, direct person. It is pretty hard for me to be quiet when I have something to say, even if it’s painful for others (the truth mostly).
#5 I love to read books my favorite book is ‘I am Malala’. I love to watch a movie, my favorite is ‘A walk to remember’.
#6 I always wanted to have my first child by age of 27, and my wish came true. I gave birth when I was 26 years old.
#7 I love to be active, I was involved in sports since the 2nd grade of elementary school.
#8 I started blogging recently and I love it. But I didn’t know some bloggers are so high in attitude, and difficult to accept others.
#9 I don’t consume pills or any other medication.
#10 I can’t start my day without Turkish coffee

And maybe the most important fact for me that I will share with you:
#11 I grew up in a violent environment. It consumed psychical and physical violence.

That made me a woman I am today, and could never do the same to my kids.


But that is a theme maybe for another blog post 🙂
If you want to know more about me, feel free to contact me 🙂