Hello loves,

here I am sitting and thinking what to write. Looking pictures on social media of makeup. My god, I wonder if a natural look is even appreciated anymore? All I can see on Instagram, Facebook and live is that women are looking like dolls. I am sorry but I am an honest person, and I personally do not prefer that drag queen look (and I don’t have anything against the drag queens, I even like to watch man-woman transformation). But girls and women are camouflaged under all that facade. All that makeup, all those products, tens of them just for the face. Does the skin even breathe under it? How does their skin look like after a month of putting all those products on your face?

Makeup tutorial by Viva_Glam_Kay

Maybe I am just old school, and yes I prefer a natural look or let me say the minimal use of beauty products. Now days, a beauty industry is blooming, maybe more than pharmaceutical :). We I was in high school, we used only mascara, eyeliner, powder, lipstick or lipgloss. And we were all pretty 🙂
Now we know tones of different products of makeup, from concealers in all consistencies and colors, highlighters, glowers, powders, spray fixators, eyebrow products, bronzers, artificial lashes… I am sure I forgot something 🙂

And all that money for products, I’m sure they are not so cheap, or not in that amount. I think minimalism is everything. Maybe women became so insecure in themselves, or they just like to be in step with fashion and celebrities. Everybody has a role model, but try to be that in your way, try to present that in a different, your own style. Do you really have to be a living copy of that person?

I think women can appreciate themselves more, and be beautiful with a minimal quantity of beauty products on their face.
God knows how many makeup remover products does she need to remove all that. And then you see on social media that same person hiding from being pictured because she doesn’t have her makeup on. Wrong. But every girl knows whats she doing. Or does she?

I personally use 5 beauty products that can make your look natural, unheavy and you still look attractive.

#1 Concealer for black circles under eyes
#2 BB cream
#3 Mascara
#4 Eyebrow powder
#5 Lipstick or Lipgloss

And you can still look pretty and most importantly self-confident. EVERY GIRL IS NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL!
I also use those products for photo shootings and it still looks great and fits the standards for making a good picture.