We know that girls are all about fashion, and important piece of accessory is a purse or handbag. I change a lot my purses because I have to match them with different outfits, of course :). I own 5 purses, and I have 2 of them on the way, waiting for them to arrive. Be sure I will show them to you :).

So what are the most important and frequent items in my purse?


I used to favor the larger size of a wallet, but when you start to fill your purse, you see there is no room for it. Yes, it looks nice and fancy when you take it out in store or a bar, but space is needed for other things :). That’s why I use little wallet from Calvin Klein (its meant for jewelry and watches), and I love it. I can put in it cards and money. It’s thin, fashionable, useful, and you can put it in any handbag/purse may it be so small.



It is still summer, summer weather and must have accessory for me are sunglasses. Also, I have really sensitive eyes, and it is hard for me to steer at sunlight or shiny objects. I like the universal color so it fits every outfit. And different shapes of them are also my challenge. I generally use my Lexington glasses from Nora Nyc ( with my code NewShades you will get 10%off, visit www.norynyc.com).




Hmmm, now this is what I like the most at my content in a purse. I always, but really always must have a lip moisturizer and a lipgloss. Sometimes I put in it lipstick but that is almost the same as lipgloss for me. Since ever I have dry and sensitive lips, that why I drink a lot and care it with lip moisturizer. Lipgloss is just a cherry on top of it. I found my perfect lip moisturizer or should I say lip butter from Avon Slovenija (Cocoa butter it is really good). It really hydrates my lips, and it is long-lasting. The smell is wonderful. The lipglosses I use are different brands and colors all though I like nude colors the most. For a quite a time, I have been using lipgloss from Terra Naturi Naturkosmetik (shade 07 glossy mauve). It is cute, not too noticeable but still seductive on your lips. It is not greasy or moist. I recommend it. And another lipstick that is a new item in my purse is also from Avon Slovenija. It is bought for a tryout and I kinda like it, even though I’m not used putting on red lipstick :). But you have to try it one day. It is Avon True Color lipstick. It is a little moist, not greasy and seductive.


Of course, I don’t need to write that cell phone is also a must have in my purse. I think that is pretty obvious.

That’s it loves, now you know what my handbag contains. Oh, the purse is from H&M.


XOXO, Dijana


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