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this post will be again about fashion, about pieces of clothing, that you can afford it with a low budget, and still look fashionable. I never ever would buy these items before, but after you have 2 babies, and some time passes, you realize that you are still young, if not by the look then by the soul, and there is no obstacle for you, not even for us mommies to dress well, fashionable and provocatively. Again my shopping was done online at H&, namely the clothes that were on sale, 70% off. You can find a large specter of clothes if you have the time and will. I bought 8 pieces on sale for approx. 60 euros+free delivery with additional 20% off on the whole purchase. That’s a good deal for me :). I usually use the benefit of free delivery. And I got some pieces really cheap.



I just love these sneakers. I admit I would never buy them before, but when I saw them, I said why not, let’s try something new. I chose the pink color, my foot number and added them in a bag. When they came I fell in love, they are gorgeous. Nice soft pink, with a snake pattern. They are fashionable, you can combine them on various pieces of clothes. PRICE: 9,59€


Another piece that is fashionable and perfect for matching with jeans, trousers, skirts, shorts, for sport or casual outfit. It is nude colors, wide and gives a ripped look. Light and thin so you can put it on at chili summer night and at fall season. PRICE: 4,79€


This one is also one of my favorites, and I love it. It fits perfectly, thigh at your body and gives that classy look. Again wonderful for matching with other pieces of clothes. PRICE: 5,99€

Photo: H&
Photo: H&



Let me tell you the truth about me and skirts. Did I ever wear a skirt? Yes, once in my life. That’s why a put this challenge upon me and ordered short skirt that looks beautiful when you put it on. It comes a little bit higher up the waist, but still, gives a wonderful look. It is black, stylish and you feel like a little girl in it :). PRICE: 7,19€

Photo: H&


Photo: H&



Oh, this is a beauty. It is wide, beige color, soft, and light. When you put it on, it makes love to your skin. You can match and create various stylish looks with it. PRICE: 7,99€

Photo: H&


Photo: H&



#6 SHOULDER BAG with suede detail

The fashion trends have shown us, that small bags are coming back. So a perfect opportunity to buy a reduced shoulder bag. The thing I noticed when it came is that has 2 different sides. One is from leather, and the other is from suede. It has a wide shoulder lane with a brown stripe. The lane is adjustable. PRICE: 5,99€



This a must have for every woman. There is nothing more sexist than a skirt on a woman. It is fashionable always, easy to put pieces together and perfect for every occasion.  PRICE: 14,99€



You will say again another jumper, but my darlings autumn is coming, chili summer nights and why not think in advance about our clothes? And especially for that price. PRICE: 5,99€


Photo: H&
Photo: H&


So, there you have it loves. So many pieces for a wonderful price. Like I always say, be your own model, your own role model and be fashionable in your way. Check every few days for special offers at H& and use it, like I do :).


XOXO, Dijana




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