Hello loves,


I have prepared for you a new fashion post. This outfit for my taste is perfect for a business lady, for a coffee date with your best friend, for a dinner date with your better half. And like you know me, I am not a fashionable person, I wear clothes that I feel good in them, and they make me feel complete. Are they a fashion trend or not, is not such a concern for me.

I have been tracking sales for the previous days, and like I mentioned in previous posts, I mostly shop online at H& There is where I  saw these beautiful wide trousers on sale, the price was really low. As far as the fashion trends they are in :). I’m not a perfectionist to follow if it fits my figure or not. If I like it I buy it, like this trousers. The next piece I adore is this white chiffon blouse. It is so light and comfortable I could wear it every day.  And for what a ridiculous price did I bought it (down below I will write the prices, check them out :)). It will also fit nicely with a pair of jeans, short or long, or a jeans skirt and some chino pants.

I combined these two pieces, because of their lightness and widens and thought it would look nice together. To combine footwear with this outfit is was no riddle for me. I chose my Ipanema Grendha sandals, that are wonderful and also light to wear. and they are almost a unique color that can go with anything. I added also a smaller purse with a strap to look more serious, more classy and I think I did a good job. Maybe is not combined with the latest fashion, but it is a style that suits me. It looks so easy, breezy, bright, light and simple.

As an option, you can add sunglasses. I did add them, not because of the outfit but because of the sunlight :). Just kidding, it is a question of taste. My sunglasses are from Noranyc, for which I am also an ambassador. Check out their website and if you find some shades that fit your taste, feel free to use my code NewShades for a discount.

And that is the whole art with my outfit. Choose pieces of clothes that you feel good in them, that fit your standards and good taste. Be your own fashion and role model. Yes, we do look at other girls on social media for suggestions, I sure do. But again maybe you don’t see yourself in that taste of fashion, and I sure don’t have so much time to be in step with fashion. So create your own 🙂


Trousers H&M: 14,99€

Blouse: New Yorker: 4,99€

Purse Aliexpress: 5,00€

Ipanema Grendha: 28,99€

Lexington sunglasses: 47,00€

Necklaces Rosie’s Store: 24,00€ (2 pieces)




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